Quetta Tea 24/7 Islamabad Menu with Prices

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Quetta Tea 24/7 Islamabad

Quetta Tea 24/7 is a popular tea shop in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is known for its wide variety of teas, as well as its delicious food. The shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making it a convenient option for people who are looking for a quick and delicious meal or snack.

Quetta Tea 24/7 Islamabad Menu and Price List

Mama foods Islamabad Menu and Price List

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Summer Deal 1650
Favorite Combo 1530
Aalo Paratha250 (from)
Chicken Paratha400 (from)
Cheese Paratha270 (from)
Saada Chana210
Special Pizza Paratha500 (from)
Omelette Paratha200 (from)
Kebab Paratha250 (from)
Omelette90 (from)
Beef Paratha400 (from)
Half Fried Egg90 (from)
Chicken Chana300
Saada Paratha100 (from)
Lachha Paratha130 (from)
Malai Paratha250 (from)
Honey Paratha270 (from)
Cheeni Paratha150 (from)
Malai Pack230
Extra Chutney40
Extra Sandal40
Disposable Cup30
Disposable Glass large30
Disposable Water Glass10
Doodh Patti150
Kashmiri Dry Fruit Tea230
Doodh Patti Gurh Tea170
Golden Malai Tea190
Doodh Kehwa160
Chocolate Tea160
Lemon Grass90
Green Honey Tea140
Green Tea80
Doodh Badami Tea300
Doodh Honey Tea150
Green Gurh Tea80
Black Kehwa806
Water80 (from)
Special Lassi150
Khajoor Shake300
Banana Shake200
Apple Shake300
Mango Shake290
Apple Juice290
Pineapple Shake280
Pineapple Juice290
Apple + Banana Shake280
Banana + Khajoor Shake270

Quetta Tea 24/7 Address

Address: Rose 1 Plaza, Mir Chakar Khan Rd, I-8 Markaz I 8 Markaz I-8, Islamabad.

Quetta Tea 24/7 Contact Number

Phone0335 0859466

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