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Make your fast food cravings memorable ones with the extraordinary Fri Chicks Menu in
Pakistan. Fri Chicks menu is the name which every fast food lover is aware of for its exotic and mouth watering Pizzas, Burgers, Pasta, Steaks, Side Orders, and Drinks etc. They boast of producing the best quality food and offering it at very easy prices.

They keep trying new recipes to keep their customers coming again and again. Fri Chicks restaurant is now growing bigger and bigger with each passing day because of its instant popularity. Fri Chicks restaurant was founded in Lahore in 2002 as a quick meal serving food store. Its food tastes so heavenly that it just enchanted the public, and now there are more than 50 outlets across the country to fulfill the demands of the customers. Every item here is made with the natural ingredients which give you an authentic taste.


Fri Chicks Menu


Fri Chicks Menu Best Items

Fri Chicks offer so many items that are worth your money and time, however, we will tell you about the best items on the Fri Chicks menu:

Fri Chicks Menu Chicken Sausages Pizza

Bless your taste buds with a titillating Chicken Sausages Pizza at the Fri Chicks menu. This
exuberant pizza is available in three different sizes such as 7″, 10″ and 13″. The price rate
varies from size to size so select your order carefully according to your need. This palatable
pizza is a heartwarming combination of fresh ingredients like chicken sausage, mushrooms, capsicum, traditional red onions and tomatoes. You will literally crave for more and more until your tummy asks you to stop!

Vegetarian Pizza

Fri Chicks owners care about their customers and their ever changing taste in food. Recently, there’s been a rapid growth in vegetarian food lovers and just when the time felt right, Fri Chicks menu has introduced its pungent Vegetarian Pizza. This pizza contains the freshest ingredients possible such as jalapeno, black olives, mushrooms, sweet corn, capsicum, red onions and tomatoes. You will get all the nutrition’s needed to maintain a healthy body from this pizza. Don’t forget to grab your favorite cold drink if you want to double the fun.

Super Family Meal

At the Fri Chicks restaurant, not only you can enjoy tasty food individually but also with your beloved family members with the Super Family Meal deal. This will save you a lot of money and will definitely give you a satisfying dining experience. You will get eight pcs chicken, three karizma Burgers, one Peggy burger, eight regular Pepsi, and one family fries at the mere price of 1999 P.K.R only. This is probably the best deal in the whole city so don’t miss this opportunity and visit them as soon as possible.

Fri Chicks Menu Price List


Menu ItemsPrice
Chapli KababFrom Rs.180
Double DozerFrom Rs.350
BBQ BurgerFrom Rs.220
Double MazaFrom Rs.250
Karizma BurgerFrom Rs.300
Chk Grill BurgerFrom Rs.370
Reggy BurgerFrom Rs.170
Beef Grill BurgerFrom Rs.420
Junior BurgerFrom Rs.150
Fried Fish BurgerFrom Rs.370
Pizza BurgerFrom Rs.350
Jalapeno BurgerFrom Rs.370

Paratha Roll

FC Special Paratha RollRs.199
Chicken Paratha RollRs.149
Chicken Cheese Paratha RollRs.149
Zinger Paratha RollRs.149
Arabian Paratha RollRs.149
Achari Paratha RollRs.149



FC Special ShawarmaRs.199
Chicken ShawarmaRs.120
Chicken Cheese ShawarmaRs.149
Zinger ShawarmaRs.149
Achari ShawarmaRs.149

Pizza – Special

F.C Special PizzaFrom Rs.599
Seekh Kabab Stuff PizzaFrom Rs.599
Cheese Stuff PizzaFrom Rs.599
Afghani TikkaFrom Rs.599
BBQ PizzaFrom Rs.599
Chicken Chapli KababFrom Rs.599
Tandoori PizzaFrom Rs.599
Pizza ParathaFrom Rs.600
Lazania PizzaFrom Rs.600
Creamy PizzaFrom Rs.600
Chicken Supreme PizzaFrom Rs.600
Hot N Spicy PizzaFrom Rs.600


Pizza – Regular

Chicken TikkaFrom Rs.299
Chicken FajitaFrom Rs.299
Pickle Pizza (Achaari)From Rs.299
Vegi LoverFrom Rs.299
Chicken SausagesFrom Rs.299
Cheese LoverFrom Rs.299
Pepperoni PizzaFrom Rs.299
Jalapeno PizzaFrom Rs.299

Extra Filling

Seekh Kabab Stuffingfrom Rs.149
Cheese Stuffingfrom Rs.149



Chicken Fillet SteakRs.699
Beef Fillet SteakRs.799


Pasta + 1 Reg DrinkRs.449
Creamy Pasta + 1 Reg DrinkRs.349

Side Order

10 Hot WingsRs.400
5 Hot WingsRs.250
1 Chicken PieceRs.150
5 Chicken PieceRs.700
Oven Baked Wings (5 pcs)Rs.250
Oven Baked Wings (10 pcs)Rs.400
Regular FriesRs.120
Large FriesRs.170
Family FriesRs.300
5 NuggetsRs.180
10 NuggetsRs.350
10 Hot ShotsRs.230
Rice & SpiceRs.249
Ice CreamRs.100
Cheese SliceRs.30
Dinner RollRs.30
Mineral WaterFrom Rs.30
Tin Pack (250 ml)Rs.45
DrinkFrom Rs.40

Contact Fri Chicks Menu Pakistan

  • Fri Chiks University Road
  • Fri Chicks Zafar Ullah Rd


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