Grill N Thrill Sialkot Menu with Prices

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Grill n Thrill is a popular Pakistani restaurant chain that serves a variety of barbecue and fast food dishes. They have two branches in Sialkot, one located in Cantonment Plaza and the other in Div 8, C Mall. Both branches are open from 1pm to 1am, seven days a week.

Grill N Thrill Sialkot


The restaurant is known for its delicious and affordable food. Some of their most popular dishes include chicken tikka masala, beef karahi, and chicken biryani. They also have a wide variety of kebabs, rolls, and parathas.


Grill N Thrill Sialkot

Grill n Thrill is a great place to go for a casual meal with friends or family. The atmosphere is relaxed and the service is friendly. They also offer home delivery, so you can enjoy their food without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Grill N Thrill Menu & Price Information


MenuPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Roll320
Beef Roll360
Chicken Simple Kabab Roll330
Beef Kabab Roll340
Chicken Bihari Roll330
Chatpata Special Chicken Roll340
Karachi Chicken Roll340
Chicken Mayo Roll340
Vegetable Chicken Roll340
Special Chicken Chili Sauce Roll340
Beef Cheese Roll410
Chicken Cheese Roll360
Special Chicken Mayo Garlic Roll350
Arabic Chicken Roll360
Chicken Cheese Bihari Roll370
Special Chicken BBQ Sauce Roll370
Special Chicken Peri Peri Roll390
Chicken Malai Roll410
Special Chicken Olive Spread Roll380
Special Chicken Mayo & Cheese Roll400
Special Chicken Pasha Roll410
Special Chicken Kasturi Roll410
Special Chicken Afghani Roll410
Chicken Cheese Malai Roll450
Chicken Malai Mayo Roll440
Special Pasha Chili Sauce Roll420
Special Chicken Pasha Mayo Roll430
Special Chicken Pasha Cheese Roll450
Mutton Roll570
Mutton Cheese Roll500
Chicken Cottage Sialkot Menu & Prices



MenuPrice (Rs.)
Daal Chana250
Chicken Nihari720
Beef Nihari870
Grilled Chicken Piece970
Chicken Karahi850
Chicken Jalfrezi1000
Spicy Chicken Ginger1000
Chicken Boneless Handi950
Chicken Kabab Masala1050
Beef Kabab Masala1170
Chicken Achari Boneless Handi1000
Chicken Cheese Handi1050
Chicken Rajastani Boneless Handi1050
Special Chicken Malai Boti Handi1050
Chicken Madrasi Boneless Handi1050
Makhni Boneless Handi Chicken1050
Desi Chicken Karahi1500
Mutton Karahi1700
Mutton Boneless Handi1800
Mutton Achari Boneless Handi1900
Mutton Makhni Boneless Handi2050

Taka Tak

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Tawa Piece470
Chicken Qeema720
Chicken Shashlik Tawa720
Chicken Achari Tawa770
Chicken Tawa770
Gurda Kapoora1020
Chicken Champ770
Beef Champ970
Chicken Makhni Champ820
Brain Tawa1020
Mutton Tawa1320
Mutton Champ1320
Mutton Makhni Champ1370
Mixed Tawa1720


Grill N Thrill Bar B Q

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Boti280
Chicken Boneless Boti290
Chicken Breast Piece320
Chicken Leg Piece320
Beef Bihari Boti320
Chicken Cheese Boti340
Chicken Peri Peri Breast370


Mutton Bihari BotiRs. 470
Chicken BBQ Drum StickRs. 600
Special Beef KababRs. 1,020
Chicken KababRs. 920
Chicken Vegetable KababRs. 950
Turkish Chicken Cheese KababRs. 1,010
Chicken Reshmi KababRs. 1,010
Mutton KababRs. 1,310
Mutton ChopsRs. 1,520
BBQ PlatterRs. 3,490


Grill N Thrill Shawarma

Chicken ShawarmaRs. 270
Beef ShawarmaRs. 360
Chicken Cheese ShawarmaRs. 348
Chicken Kabab ShawarmaRs. 300
Chicken Peri Peri ShawarmaRs. 370
Beef Cheese ShawarmaRs. 410
Beef Kabab ShawarmaRs. 340
Chicken Malai ShawarmaRs. 390
Chicken Mayo Garlic ShawarmaRs. 320
Chicken BBQ Sauce ShawarmaRs. 340
Pasha ShawarmaRs. 390


MenuPrice (Rs.)
Sada Paratha180
Chicken Qeema Paratha370
Beef Qeema Paratha380
Beef Cheese Qeema Paratha430
Chicken Cheese Qeema Paratha420


MenuPrice (Rs.)
Sada Roti30
Khameeri Roti45
Sada Naan55
Roghni Naan70
Kalongi Naan80
Garlic Naan90
Beef Qeema Naan400
Chicken Qeema Naan380
Cheese Naan360
Chicken Cheese Naan410
Beef Cheese Naan430
Nutella Naan410
Cheese Kalonji Naan430
Chicken Pizza Naan510

Grill N Thrill Address and Contact

Address 1: Cantonment Plaza, علامہ اقبال روڈ, Jinnah Park Colony No. 2 Allama Iqbal Colony, Sialkot.

Phone: (052) 4566183

Address 2: Div 8, C Mall, Cantt Road, Sialkot

Phone: (052) 4266606


Grill N Thrill Sialkot Timings

Monday 13:00-01:00
Tuesday 13:00-01:00
Wednesday 13:00-01:00
Thursday 13:00-01:00
Friday 13:00-01:00
Saturday 13:00-01:00
Sunday 16:30-02:30

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