Captain Cook’s Lahore Menu & Updated Prices

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Captain Cook’s is a popular restaurant Lahore, Pakistan, that is known for its Shawarma and burgers. The restaurant has several branches in the city, including one in the heart of Saddar Cantt.

Captain Cook's Lahore


The shawarmas at Captain Cook’s are made with fresh, thinly-sliced chicken or beef that is grilled to perfection. They are then rolled up in a pita bread with your choice of toppings, such as hummus, tahini, pickles, and vegetables. The burgers are also made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and are cooked to order.


Captain Cook’s Menu and Price

Exclusive Discounted Deals

Deal NameMenu IncludedPrice (Rs.)
Special Deal 13Chicken shawarma, zinger shawarma, 500ml coke900
Family Deal 17Large pizza, chicken shawarma, zinger burger, 1.5 ltr coke2730
Special Deal 9Small pizza, zinger burger, chicken shawarma, 1.5 ltr coke1600
Deal 34Medium pizza, chicken shawarma, zinger burger, French fries, 500ml coke2350
Special Deal 1Zinger burger, fries, NR coke680
Special Deal 122 Zinger burgers, 500ml coke950
Family Deal 185 Zinger shawarma, 1.5 ltr coke2310
Special Deal 510 Pieces hot wings, 500ml coke770
Special Deal 10Large pizza with 1.5 ltr coke1960
Deal 36Small pizza, 2 shawarma, 500ml soft drink1600
Special Deal 2Zinger burger, fried chicken piece, fries, 500ml coke1060
Special Deal 3Chicken burger, fries, NR coke580
Special Deal 43 Pieces fried chicken, NR coke950
Special Deal 62 Zinger burgers, 2 pieces fried chicken, fries, 500ml coke1680
Special Deal 7Small pizza, fried chicken piece, fries, 500ml coke1260
Special Deal 82 Small pizza, zinger burger, chicken burger, 2 pieces fried chicken, family fries, 1.5 ltr coke3000
Special Deal 11Chicken shawarma, zinger burger, zinger shawarma, paratha roll, 500ml coke1700
Family Deal 153 Large pizza with two 1.5 ltr coke4800
Family Deal 164 Small pizza with 1.5 ltr coke3200
Family Deal 198 Chicken shawarma, 1.5 ltr coke3000
Family Deal 208 Pieces hot wings, 4 zinger burgers, 4 fries, 1.5 ltr coke3150
Family Deal 21 ALarge pizza, 4 pieces fried chicken, 2 fries, 1.5 ltr coke3200
Special Deal 312 Chicken sandwiches, regular fries, 500ml coke900
Special Deal 32Chicken shawarma, zinger burger, 500ml coke890
Family Deal 334 Chicken shawarma, small pizza, 500ml coke2260
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Captain Cook’s Burgers

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Breast Burger650
Zinger Burger590
Special Burger690
Chicken Cheese Burger600
Chicken Burger600


Grilled Burgers

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Captain Yum Pum Grilled Chicken Burger690
Captain Spicy Lovely Burger690
Captain Super Duper Grilled Burger690
Captain Value Burger690

Captain Cook’s Sandwiches

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Grilled Sandwich650
Club Sandwich650
Chicken Sandwich600
BBQ Sandwich600


Captain Cook’s Pizza

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Captain Cook Special Pizza1000
Chicken Supreme Pizza800
Chicken Fajita Pizza800
Chicken Tikka Pizza800

Captain Cook’s Shawarma

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Platter Shawarma740
Chicken Shawarma480
Zinger Shawarma540
Arabic Shawarma540
Captain Special Shawarma420
Chicken Cheese Shawarma550


Grilled Shawarma

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Grilled Mixed Platter Shawarma790
Special Grilled Shawarma595
Grilled Shawarma850
Grilled Cheese Shawarma590
Special Grilled Cheese Shawarma650
Grilled Mixed Cheese Shawarma Platter750

Paratha Rolls

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Grilled Paratha Roll510
Pizza Paratha Roll600
Chicken Paratha Roll550
Chicken Cheese Paratha Roll520
Grilled Cheese Paratha Roll560
Zinger Paratha Roll520
Zinger Cheese Paratha Roll630

Fried Items

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Hot Wings500
Fried Chicken480


ItemPrice (Rs.)
Coca-Cola – 500 ml160
Coca-Cola – 1.5 Litre220
Sprite – 500 ml160
Sprite – 1.5 Litre220

Captain Cook’s Contact Number & Address

Phone: 0321 9800318

Address: Karachi Mohalla Old Officers Colony, Lahore.

Captain Cook’s Timings

Saturday2:00 PM – 2:30 AM
Sunday2:00 PM – 2:30 AM
Monday2:00 PM – 2:30 AM
Tuesday2:00 PM – 2:30 AM
Wednesday2:00 PM – 2:30 AM
Thursday2:00 PM – 2:30 AM
Friday2:00 PM – 2:30 AM
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