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Five Star Naan is one of the most famous Naan shops of Pakistan. As the name spacifies, it is known for its ultra delicious and irresistible Naan variety. There is a very long and fine list of Naan available at Five Star Naan menu Pakistan that one can choose from. They offer Special Roghni Kalonji Naan, Cheese Naan, Besan wala Naan, Mutton Naan among others. It is a very recognizable brand in terms of serving Naan.

Pakistanis from different areas of the country visit Five Star Naan. Five Star Naan has been successfully spreading its heart loving taste to hundreds of customers on a regular basis. The thing which makes them so special is the amount of love they put in each of their naan. Also, the suitable price range is another reason behind the popularity of Five Star Naan.

Five Star Naan menu Pakistan Best Items

In a very short period of time, Five Star Naan has gathered huge fame and love. All this became possible because of their hard work and dedication. They serve many kinds of Naan to the customers but some of their best Naan are :

Chicken Naan

In Pakistan, whether it is Paratha or Chapati, no one can stand a chance against Naan in the
manner of fame and popularity. The reason why you should have to pick Five Star Naan as a
first choice is its Chicken Naan. It is not only their signature item but the best seller. It is crafted with focus and concentration in the tandoor of Five Star Naan in order to give you the best possible taste. Stuffed with pure quality chicken and other exciting yet wonderful items, Chicken Naan is some treat to enjoy.

Qeemay Wala Naan

After Chicken Naan, the second most demanding item of Five Star Naan is Qeemay Wala Naan. The difference between this and Chicken Naan is the ingredients, apart from that, it is as delicious as the previous one. A single Qeemay Wala Naan is enough to satisfy your hungry tummy as well as craving. They give you the authority to choose your favourite raita with this Naan. If you see the price which Five Star Naan offers on this Naan is not that much and can be easily payable for every individual. And you will realize that by yourself after trying this amazing Naan.

Aloo Wala Naan

If you are fond of light food and not comfortable with heavy Naan like Qeemay Wala Naan or
Chicken Naan then Aloo Wala Naan is the one that will perfectly suit your taste buds. It is
incredibly tasty and doesn’t have any bad effects on your stomach. You can enjoy it without
thinking about inflammation as it is made in a way that it can be digested easily.

Five Star Naan Pakistan Price List

Exclusive Discounted Deals

Deal 12 Qeemay walay naan & raitaRs. 490
Deal 22 Chicken walay naan & raitaRs. 490
Deal 32 Aloo naan & raitaRs. 150
Deal 42 Besan walay naan & raitaRs. 180
Deal 52 Chicken cheese naan & raitaRs. 740

Popular Most ordered

Qeemay Wala NaanRs. 250
Aloo Wala NaanRs. 80
Chicken NaanRs. 250
Chicken Cheese NaanRs. 370
Besan Wala NaanRs. 90

Tandoori Menu

Qeemay Wala NaanRs. 250
Chicken NaanRs. 250
Chicken Cheese NaanRs. 370
Aloo Wala NaanRs. 80
Mutton NaanRs. 585
Special Roghni Kalonji NaanRs. 65
Besan Wala NaanRs. 90
Cheese NaanRs. 230
Chocolate NaanRs. 330

Contact Five Star Naan:

Address: Plot 65 Ferozepur Rd, Ichhra Shershah Colony Lahore

Phone: (042) 37584132 0300 4264537

Where is Five Star Naan Shop?

Here is the complete address of Five Star Naan Shop
Plot 65 Ferozepur Rd, Ichhra Shershah Colony Lahore

What is contact number of Five Star Naan Lahore?

You can call on (042) 37584132 and 0300 4264537

How to order online?

we can order online through foodpanda Pakistan

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