Yellow Taxi Pizza Karachi Menu & Prices

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Yellow Taxi Pizza is a well-known pizza chain in Karachi, Pakistan. They offer a wide variety of pizzas, pasta dishes, and other Italian food.. Their pizzas are made with fresh ingredients and cooked really well. Ordering from Yellow Taxi Pizza is also really easy. You can order online or use the Foodpanda app. They deliver to most places in Karachi.

Yellow Taxi Pizza


If you want yummy pizza that’s also convenient, Yellow Taxi Pizza is a fantastic choice.


Yellow Taxi Pizza Menu with Price

Yellow Taxi Pizza Appetizers

Cheese Bread SticksRs. 495
Garlic Bread SupremeRs. 345
Chicken WingsRs. 595
Cheese FriesRs. 295
Pizza FriesRs. 595
Mac & Cheese FriesRs. 495
Chicken StripsRs. 845
Chili PoppersRs. 795
Garlic BreadRs. 245
Mexican FriesRs. 495
Plain FriesRs. 245
Masala FriesRs. 245
Garlic Mayo FriesRs. 295
BBQ FriesRs. 295
Saladfrom Rs. 595
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Yellow Taxi Pasta Menu & Prices

Chicken Lasagne PastaRs. 695
Fettuccine AlfredoRs. 695
Spicy Chicken Pasta in White SauceRs. 695


Yellow’s Special Three Layered Pizza

Three Layered PepperoniRs. 1,395
Three Layered Dynamite ChickenRs. 1,395
Three Layered Chicken MaxRs. 1,395
Three Layered RanchRs. 1,395
Three Layered Creamy TikkaRs. 1,395
Three Layered Peri PeriRs. 1,395
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Yellow Taxi Signature Pizza Menu with Prices

Roasted Garlic ChickenRs. 645
Peri Peri ChickenRs. 645
The Best-o PestoRs. 645
Fiery KoreanRs. 645


Classic Pizza Menu with Prices

PepperoniRs. 645
RanchRs. 645
Creamy TikkaRs. 645
Chicken FajitaRs. 645
Cheese LoverRs. 645
Chicken TikkaRs. 645
Super SupremeRs. 645
SrirachaRs. 645
Veggie LoverRs. 645
Chicken SupremeRs. 645
Taxi MaxRs. 645
EuroRs. 645

Dips/ Single Serving

Dynamite SauceRs. 110
Marinara SauceRs. 110
Honey Mustard SauceRs. 110
Ranch SauceRs. 110
Chipotle SauceRs. 110
Sriracha SauceRs. 110
BBQ SauceRs. 110
Peri Peri Mayo SauceRs. 110
Garlic Mayo SauceRs. 110


Desserts Menu and Prices

Chocolate Bread SticksRs. 495
NY Cheese CakeRs. 495
Chocolate Lava CakeRs. 345


Mineral WaterRs. 100
Pepsi – 345 mlRs. 110
Mirinda – 345 mlRs. 110
Mountain Dew – 345 mlRs. 110
7up – 345 mlRs. 110

Yellow Taxi Pizza Complete Information

Address: Plot no، Shop #3, Ground Floor, Saba Arcade، 125 Captain Fareed Bukhari Shaheed Road, Block A Roadoad, Karachi.

Phone: (021) 111 935 569

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