Heavy Spice Karachi Menu with Update Prices

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Heavy Spice is a fast food and Chinese restaurant located in Sector-9 North Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan. It is known for its delicious and affordable food, as well as its friendly and attentive service. The restaurant has a wide variety of dishes to choose from, including burgers, fries, fried rice, chow mein, and more.

Heavy Spice Karachi

Everything is made fresh to order, and the flavors are sure to please. Heavy Spice is also a great option for parties and events, as they offer catering services. Whether you’re looking for a quick and delicious meal or a place to celebrate a special occasion, Heavy Spice is the perfect choice.

Heavy Spice Menu and Price Detail

Heavy Spice Soups

Chicken Corn SoupRs. 320
Chicken Vegetable SoupRs. 350
Hot & Sour SoupRs. 390
Special Chicken Corn SoupRs. 450

Heavy Spice Burgers & Sandwiches

Zinger BurgerRs. 530
Cheesy Zinger BurgerRs. 570
Spicy Blast Zinger BurgerRs. 620
Pizza Zinger BurgerRs. 680
Double Decker Zinger BurgerRs. 790
Beef BurgerRs. 520
Cheesy Beef BurgerRs. 560
Smokey Mushroom BeefRs. 690
Mexican Beef BurgerRs. 730
Chicken BurgerRs. 500
Cheesy Chicken BurgerRs. 540
Smokey Mushroom ChickenRs. 670
Mexican Chicken BurgerRs. 700
Chicken Steak BurgerRs. 680
Chicken SandwichRs. 480
Club SandwichRs. 580
Club Cheese SandwichRs. 620
Crispy Club SandwichRs. 660
Jan’s Broast Karachi Menu with Update Prices

Heavy Spice Broast

Chest BroastRs. 660
Mayo Garlic BroastRs. 700

Heavy Spice Chinese Food

Chicken Shashlik with Fried RiceRs. 780
Chicken Manchurian with Fried RiceRs. 780
Chicken Szechuan with Fried RiceRs. 860
Chicken Peanuts with Fried RiceRs. 900
Chicken Thai with Fried RiceRs. 800
Chicken Cashew Nut with Fried RiceRs. 900
Chicken Mushroom with Fried RiceRs. 880
Chicken Chili with Fried RiceRs. 800
Crispy Chicken Lemon Sauce with Fried RiceRs. 880
Golden Dragon Karachi Menu and Prices

Fried Rice

Singaporean Fried RiceRs. 700
Chicken Chow MeinRs. 690

Zinger Rolls

Zinger RollRs. 370
Cheesy Zinger RollRs. 400
Italian Zinger RollRs. 450

Fried Items

Chicken Hot ShotsRs. 520
Crispy Chicken StripsRs. 520
FriesRs. 280
Mayo Garlic FriesRs. 320
Italian Cheese FriesRs. 480

The Heavy Spice Address and Contact Number

Address: R 483, Sector-9 Sector 9 North Karachi Twp, Karachi.

Phone: 0335 3552355


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