Saudi Broast Menu With Prices

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Imagine this: golden-fried chicken, bursting with flavor, so tender it melts in your mouth. That’s the magic of Saudi Broast. We bring the authentic taste of Saudi Arabia to your neighborhood, using traditional spices and cooking techniques to create chicken that’s simply irresistible.

More than just food, Saudi Broast is an experience. It’s about sharing laughter over steaming baskets of chicken, dipping into creamy sauces, and enjoying the warmth of good company. Come gather around our table, and let the taste of Saudi Arabia transport you! ‍‍‍

So, whether you’re a seasoned chicken connoisseur or just discovering the world of broasted bliss, Saudi Broast is waiting for you. Come on in, grab a napkin, and get ready to savor every bite!

This intro is short, simple, and keeps things positive and appetizing. It mentions the deliciousness of the chicken, the authentic experience, and the welcoming atmosphere, without straying into any potentially sensitive areas.

Saudi Broast

Saudi Broast Menu With Prices


Spicy BroastRs. 749
Regular Broast Rs. 749


Flame ThrowerRs. 649
Ultimate Flame Thrower Rs. 849


FriesRs. 199
Garlic DipRs. 70
Bun Rs. 70

Saudi Broast Address & Contact Info

Address: Food Court, Emporium Mall, Trade Centre Commercial Area Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore

Phone: 0308 5159999

Saudi Broast Opening Hours

Tuesday11 am–11 pm
Wednesday11 am–11 pm
Thursday11 am–11 pm
Friday11 am–11 pm
Saturday11 am–11 pm
Sunday11 am–11 pm
Monday11 am–11 pm
Rate this Resturent
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