Dhaka Bhaiya Biryani Singhpura Lahore menu with Price

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Dhaka Bhaiya Biryani is a popular biryani restaurant in Lahore, Pakistan. It is known for its delicious and affordable biryani, as well as its friendly and attentive service. The restaurant has two branches in Lahore, one in Gari Shahu and one in Singhpura.

Dhaka Bhaiya Biryani

The biryani at Dhaka Bhaiya is cooked in a traditional pot over a wood fire, which gives it a unique flavor that you won’t find at many other biryani restaurants. The chicken biryani is the most popular dish, but they also have a variety of other biryanis to choose from, including mutton biryani, beef biryani, and vegetable biryani.

Dhaka Bhaiya Biryani Menu & Price


Chicken Biryanifrom Rs. 350
Sada BiryaniRs. 200
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Chicken Pulaofrom Rs. 350
Sada PulaoRs. 200

Dhaka Biryani Address and Contact

Address: AH1, G. T. Road , Singhpura, Baghbanpura, Lahore.

Phone0310 4407704

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