Complete Novu Menu with Updated Prices

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Novu is a Pan-Asian restaurant located in Lahore, Pakistan. It offers a wide variety of dishes from China, Japan, Thailand, and other Asian countries. The menu features everything from classic favorites like Peking duck and pad Thai to more unique dishes like Tom Yum Goong and Honey Dragon Beef.

Novu Menu


Novu is known for its authentic flavors and fresh ingredients. The chefs use only the highest quality meats, seafood, and vegetables, and they take the time to prepare each dish with care. The result is a dining experience that is both delicious and satisfying.


In addition to its food, Novu also has a stylish and modern atmosphere. The restaurant is decorated in warm colors and has large windows that let in plenty of natural light. There is also a spacious outdoor seating area for those who prefer to dine al fresco.

Novu Menu and Updated Prices


Menu NamePrice
Novu Special SoupRs. 715
Tom Yum GaiRs. 633
Tom Yum GoongRs. 688
Hot & Sour SoupRs. 633
Chicken Corn SoupRs. 550
Hoko Noodle SoupRs. 688
Wonton Noodle SoupRs. 545
Szechuan SoupRs. 575
Thai Clear SoupRs. 605


Menu NamePrice
Honey Glazed WingsRs. 990
Tempura Prawnsfrom Rs. 1,485
Dynamite PrawnsRs. 1,265
YakitoriRs. 908
Chili WingsRs. 990
Steamed DumplingsRs. 1,045
Pan Seared DumplingsRs. 1,045
Drumsticksfrom Rs. 825
Tempura ChickenRs. 1,045
Dynamite ChickenRs. 935
EBI Tempura Japanese PrawnsRs. 2,085



Menu NamePrice
Novu Special Chickenfrom Rs. 1,485
Fiery Thai Chickenfrom Rs. 1,403
Crunchy Honey Chickenfrom Rs. 1,403
Lemongrass Chickenfrom Rs. 1,458
Chicken in Hot Garlic Saucefrom Rs. 1,403
Szechuan Chickenfrom Rs. 1,485
Kung Pao Chickenfrom Rs. 1,403
Basil Chickenfrom Rs. 1,403
Chicken in Oyster Saucefrom Rs. 1,403
Chicken ManchurianMedium spicy
Chicken with Cashew Nutsfrom Rs. 1,485
Chicken Chilli Dryfrom Rs. 1,458
Chicken in Sweet & Sour Saucefrom Rs. 1,403
Orange Chickenfrom Rs. 1,403
Thai Green Curryfrom Rs. 1,485
Thai Red Curryfrom Rs. 1,485
Grilled Chickenfrom Rs. 1,485
Mongolian Chickenfrom Rs. 1,430
Roasted Almond Chickenfrom Rs. 1,403
Chicken Chilli Onionfrom Rs. 1,403
Firecracker Chickenfrom Rs. 1,050
Black Pepper Chickenfrom Rs. 1,125
Complete Amavi Lahore Menu with Prices


Menu NamePrice
Novu Special Beeffrom Rs. 1,595
Fiery Thai Beeffrom Rs. 1,568
Beef Chilli Dryfrom Rs. 1,595
Mongolian Beeffrom Rs. 1,568
Crunchy Honey Beeffrom Rs. 1,595
Beef in Oyster Saucefrom Rs. 1,595
Beef in Hot Garlic Saucefrom Rs. 1,568
Honey Dragon Beeffrom Rs. 1,568
Black Pepper Beeffrom Rs. 1,568
Beef Chili Onionfrom Rs. 1,568



Menu NamePrice
Manchurian Chilli PrawnsRs. 1,953
Novu Special Fishfrom Rs. 1,815
Sweet & Sour Fishfrom Rs. 1,788
Lemongrass Fishfrom Rs. 1,898
Fish Chilli Dryfrom Rs. 1,898
Juha Fishfrom Rs. 1,925
Prawns with Cashew Nutsfrom Rs. 2,035
Kung Pao Prawnsfrom Rs. 2,008
Prawns with Tamarind Saucefrom Rs. 2,008
Tamarind Fishfrom Rs. 1,925
Thai Garlic Prawnsfrom Rs. 1,953
Grilled Fishfrom Rs. 1,925
Prawn Red Curryfrom Rs. 1,953
Prawn Green Curryfrom Rs. 1,953
Fish Chilli Onionfrom Rs. 1,788
Firecracker Fishfrom Rs. 1,815
Black Pepper Fishfrom Rs. 1,898
Firecracker Prawnsfrom Rs. 2,063

Chow Meins

Menu NamePrice
Chow MeinsRs. 1,073
Chicken Chow MeinRs. 1,018



Menu NamePrice
Cooked Sushi PlatterRs. 2,915
Sushi & Sashimi PlatterRs. 5,115
Salmon Special PlatterRs. 5,445
Sushi Bus PlatterRs. 4,675
Assorted Rolls PlatterRs. 4,015

Japanese Maki

Menu NamePrice
Spicy Tuna Makifrom Rs. 1,265
Kappa Makifrom Rs. 825
Spicy Salmon Makifrom Rs. 2,035
Avocado Makifrom Rs. 935

Japanese Nigiri

Menu NamePrice
Salmon Nigirifrom Rs. 1,155
Crab Nigirifrom Rs. 1,265
Prawn Nigirifrom Rs. 1,265
Tuna Nigirifrom Rs. 1,155

Japanese Teppanyaki

Menu NamePrice
Chicken Teppanyakifrom Rs. 1,595
Beef Teppanyakifrom Rs. 1,815
Salmon Teppanyakifrom Rs. 5,115
Prawn Teppanyakifrom Rs. 2,145

Japanese Sashimi

Menu NamePrice
Salmon Sashimifrom Rs. 1,595
Crab Sashimifrom Rs. 1,265
Tuna Sashimifrom Rs. 1,595

Japanese Classic Rolls

Menu NamePrice
Crunchy Maki Classic Rollfrom Rs. 1,595
Crunchy California Classic Rollfrom Rs. 1,595
California Classic Rollfrom Rs. 1,815
Volcano Maki Classic Rollfrom Rs. 2,695
Salmon Classic Rollfrom Rs. 2,365
Spicy Tempura Classic Rollfrom Rs. 1,815

Japanese Signature Rolls

Menu NamePrice
Rainbow Signature Rollfrom Rs. 2,365
Dragon Signature Rollfrom Rs. 1,815
Salmon California Signature Rollfrom Rs. 2,695
Spicy Salmon Signature Rollfrom Rs. 2,695
Novu Sunset Signature Rollfrom Rs. 1,815

Pad Thai & Noodles

Menu NamePrice
Pad Thai with ChickenRs. 1,155
Pad Thai with PrawnsRs. 1,293
Thai Spicy Chicken NoodlesRs. 1,155
Thai Spicy Beef NoodlesRs. 1,155
American Chop sueyRs. 1,155


Menu NamePrice
Thai Beef SaladRs. 935
Thai Chicken SaladMild spicy & nutty


Menu NamePrice
Mint MargaritaRs. 413
Fresh LimeRs. 225
Pepsi Can – 250 mlRs. 176
Mirinda Can – 250 mlRs. 176
7up Can – 250 mlRs. 176
Seasonal Fresh JuiceRs. 385
Seasonal Fresh Juice PremiumRs. 495
Mineral WaterRs. 105

NOVU Restaurant Address

Address: 942 J/2، Nazria-e Pakistan Road, Block J 2 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore.

NOVU Pan Asian Contact Number

Phone: 0305 4226688

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