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Cocochan is a popular pan-Asian restaurant in Karachi, Pakistan. It has three branches in the city, including one at Boat Basin. The Boat Basin branch is located in a beautiful waterfront setting, with stunning views of the Arabian Sea. The restaurant offers a wide variety of pan-Asian dishes, including Thai, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine. The menu features everything from classic dishes like pad thai and sushi to more unique creations like the Cocochan fried rice.

Cocochan Boat Basin


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Cocochan is a great place to go for a special occasion or a casual meal with friends. The restaurant is known for its excellent service and its delicious food. It is also a popular spot for weekend brunches.

Complete Cocochan Menu & Price

Bento Box Menu & Price

Bento BoxRs. 1,440

Wok Specials Menu & Price

Beef Wok Specialsfrom Rs. 990
Chicken Wok Specialsfrom Rs. 900
Seafood Wok Specialsfrom Rs. 1,140


Appetizers Menu & Price

Dynamite PrawnsRs. 940
Spring RollsRs. 670
Japanese Battered Tiger PrawnsRs. 1,620
Salmon TemariRs. 1,690
Prawn CrackersRs. 240
Chicken SatayRs. 720
Sticky FishRs. 840
Salted EdamameRs. 780
Deep Fried DrumstickRs. 760
Prawn on ToastRs. 760
Black Pepper CrabsRs. 1,270
Salmon TatakiRs. 1,880
Beef NegimakiRs. 990
Crispy Wasabi PrawnsRs. 940
Nanban ChickenRs. 780
Thinly Sliced Beef TatakiRs. 1,150
Crispy Thai ChickenRs. 720
Edamame with Chili OilRs. 780
Flame Grilled Prime BeefRs. 880

Soups Menu & Price

Hot & Sour Soupfrom Rs. 410
Chicken Corn Soupfrom Rs. 410
Thai Soupfrom Rs. 410
Clear Vegetable Soupfrom Rs. 410
Coconut Chicken SoupRs. 690
Tom Yum Prawn Noodle SoupRs. 690
Crispy Noodle SoupRs. 410
Laksa Chicken SoupRs. 690
Tom Yum Chicken SoupRs. 540


Salads Menu & Price

Tuna Gomoku SaladRs. 960
Spiced Mince Chicken SaladRs. 720
Beef SaladRs. 770
Papaya SaladRs. 720
Assorted Nigiri Platterfrom Rs. 1,660
Crab Stick NigiriRs. 670
Ebi NigiriRs. 620
Red Snapper NigiriRs. 620
Salmon Nigirifrom Rs. 780
Tuna NigiriRs. 540

Cocochan Sashimi Menu & Price

Assorted Sashimi Platterfrom Rs. 1,920
Crab Stick SashimiRs. 860
Ebi SashimiRs. 720
Red Snapper SashimiRs. 820
Norwegian Salmon Sashimifrom Rs. 1,040
Tuna SashimiRs. 860


House Roll & Ma-kimono

Crispy CaliforniaRs. 1,780
Salmon California RollRs. 2,240
Salmon Volcano RollRs. 2,240
Triple Tempura RollRs. 1,820
Stuffed Tuna MakiRs. 1,660
California MakiRs. 1,820
Kappa MakiRs. 1,040
Crazy MakiRs. 1,820
Dynamite MakiRs. 1,820
Mountain RollRs. 1,740
Spicy TunaRs. 1,660
Crazy Salmon MakiRs. 2,240
Torched Salmon MakiRs. 2,240

Cocochan Sushi Platters Menu & Price

Salmon PlatterRs. 4,490
Assorted Rolls PlatterRs. 3,690
Tuna PlatterRs. 3,120

Vegitables Menu & Price

Wok Fried VegetablesRs. 780
Assorted Seasonal VegetablesRs. 640
Stir Fried Broccoli & MushroomRs. 640

Beef Menu & Price

Crispy BeefRs. 1,240
Wok Fried Beef with Fresh BasilRs. 1,240
Dry Beef with Green ChilliesRs. 1,240
Beef in Oyster SauceRs. 1,240
Peppered BeefRs. 1,240
Spicy Beef CurryRs. 1,340
Grilled Prime BeefRs. 1,560
Thai Beef ChiliRs. 1,340

Chicken Menu & Price

Wok Fried Chicken in Manchurian SauceRs. 1,140
Chicken in Sizzling Garlic SauceRs. 1,140
Dry Chicken with Green ChilliesRs. 1,140
Stir Fried Birds Nest ChickenRs. 1,140
Kung Pao ChickenRs. 1,140
Green Curry ChickenRs. 1,490
Chicken in Kindo SauceRs. 1,240
Chicken with Cashew NutRs. 1,140
Katsu & ChickenRs. 1,140
Chicken in Sweet BasilRs. 1,090
Crispy Fried ChickenRs. 1,040
Wok Fried Peppered ChickenRs. 1,140
Stir Fried Chicken with Chinese CabbageRs. 1,140
Chili Chicken with CherriesRs. 1,140

Seafood Menu & Price

Red Curry PrawnsRs. 1,590
Green Curry PrawnsRs. 1,590
Fish in Sweet & Sour SauceRs. 1,480
Fish in Schezwan SauceRs. 1,480
Garlic Pepper FishRs. 1,480
Red Snapper & Chilli Tamarind RelishRs. 1,480
Fish in Lemon SauceRs. 1,480
Red Snapper with Chilli MintRs. 1,480
Prawns Tossed in our Signature Spicy SauceRs. 1,480
Wok Fried Prawns with Oyster SauceRs. 1,540
Prawns Sizzling Garlic SauceRs. 1,390
Dry Prawns With Green ChilliRs. 1,480
Spicy Prawn CurryRs. 1,540
Grilled Red SnapperRs. 2,290
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Cocochan Teppanyaki Menu & Price

Chicken TeppanyakiRs. 1,720
Red Snapper TeppanyakiRs. 2,660
Beef TeppanyakiRs. 2,040
Salmon TeppanyakiRs. 3,690
Prawn TeppanyakiRs. 2,240
Split TeppanyakiRs. 2,240

Cocochan Teriyaki Menu & Price

Salmon TeriyakiRs. 3,090
Beef TeriyakiRs. 1,790
Chicken TeriyakiRs. 1,390
Red Snapper TeriyakiRs. 2,290

Cocochan Dim Sum

Schezwan Chicken DumplingRs. 780
Steamed GyozaRs. 820
Fried Wonton with ChickenRs. 640
Fried Cheese WontonRs. 640
Prawn DumplingRs. 820

Rice & Noodles

Chicken Chow MeinRs. 860
Garlic Fried RiceRs. 520
Jasmine RiceRs. 225
Yaki Udon NoodlesRs. 1,620
American Chop SueyRs. 960
Vegetable Chow MeinRs. 820
Pad Thai NoodlesRs. 960
Stir Fried Noodles With Thai BasilRs. 880
Thai Chili Fried RiceRs. 520


Berry AffairRs. 390
Pina Rocks Coconut & PineappleRs. 390
Mint SparklerRs. 390
Aquafina Water – 500 mlRs. 135
Koh Samui Mint, Pineapple & CoconutRs. 390
Mint MojitoRs. 390
Mayfair MangoRs. 420
Peach Ice TeaRs. 380
Peach, orangeRs. 440


Chocolate Flourless CakeRs. 510
Lemon CheesecakeRs. 540

Cocochan Contact Number and Address

Cocochan Address: F-105, boat basin, Karachi.

Cocochan Phone: 0344 2287008


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