Bright Day Fried Chicken And Pizza Menu with Prices

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Bright Day Fried Chicken And Pizza is a fast food restaurant chain in Jhang Sadar, Punjab, Pakistan. They offer a variety of fried chicken and pizza options, as well as other menu items like wings, appetizers, and desserts. They also have a free home delivery service from 5 PM to 12:30 AM.

Bright Day Fried Chicken And Pizza


Bright Day Fried Chicken And Pizza menus and prices

Bright Day Fried Chicken And Pizza Appetizers Menu

FriesRs. 300
Crispy PieceRs. 300
Flaming WingsRs. 750
Oven WingsRs. 700


Kabab Stuffer PizzaStarts at Rs. 2,000
Malai Boti PizzaStarts at Rs. 1,500
Bonfire PizzaStarts at Rs. 550
Delight PizzaStarts at Rs. 1,500
Hot & Spicy PizzaStarts at Rs. 550
Chicken Tikka PizzaStarts at Rs. 550
Chicken Supreme PizzaStarts at Rs. 550
Fajita Sicilian PizzaStarts at Rs. 550
Cheese Lover PizzaStarts at Rs. 550
Euro PizzaStarts at Rs. 550
Veggie Lover PizzaStarts at Rs. 550
Bright Day Special PizzaStarts at Rs. 550
Achari PizzaStarts at Rs. 550
Special Kofta PizzaStarts at Rs. 2,000
Mughlai PizzaStarts at Rs. 1,320


Burgers & Sandwiches

Bright Day Special Zinger BurgerRs. 1,025
Patty Burger (Regular)Rs. 285
Tower Zinger BurgerRs. 1,025
Bright Day Special SandwichRs. 1,025
Zinger Burger (Regular, Crispy)Rs. 570
Mexican SandwichRs. 799
Crunchy Sandwich (Serve 1)Rs. 1,140
Special Patty Burger (Serve 1)Rs. 340
Special Zinger Burger (Serve 1)Rs. 625
Patty Cheese Burger (Serve 1)Rs. 570
Zinger Cheese Burger (Serve 1)Rs. 799

Bright Live Grilled Burgers

Special BurgerRs. 600
Grilled Fillet BurgerRs. 600
Peri Peri BurgerRs. 600
Chicken Steak BurgerRs. 600
Super Saucy BurgerRs. 600



Chicken Primavera PastaRs. 800
Flaming PastaRs. 800
Bright Day Special PastaRs. 900
Tandoori PastaRs. 900

Rolls at Bright Day Fried Chicken And Pizza

Chili Mili RollRs. 800
Malai Grilled RollRs. 850
Bright Day Special RollRs. 850
Zinger Paratha RollRs. 400


Fried Items

Cheese StickRs. 900
Hot Wings (Regular)Rs. 300+
Nuggets (Regular)Rs. 300+


Salad (Fresh)Rs. 300+

Brightday Ice Cream

Caramel CrunchRs. 175+
MangoRs. 175+
StrawberryRs. 175+
KulfaRs. 175+
Tutti FruttiRs. 175+
VanillaRs. 175+
PistaRs. 175+
CoconutRs. 175+
PineappleRs. 175+

Special Ice Cream

Special Caramel CrunchRs. 225+
Special MangoRs. 225+
Special StrawberryRs. 225+
Special KulfaRs. 225+
Special Tutti FruttiRs. 225+
Special VanillaRs. 225+
Special PistaRs. 225+
Special CoconutRs. 225+
Special PineappleRs. 225+

Shakes on Bright Day Fried Chicken And Pizza

BrownieRs. 479

Hot Beverages

Cappuccino CoffeeRs. 400
Hot ChocolateRs. 400
Creamy CoffeeRs. 400
Latte CoffeeRs. 400
Milk CoffeeRs. 400
Black CoffeeRs. 250
TeaRs. 150

Special Gelato Shakes

NutellaRs. 500
OreoRs. 500
Choco FantasyRs. 500
Nutella FrostyRs. 500
Kit KatRs. 500

Fresh Juice

PineappleRs. 350
MangoRs. 350
AppleRs. 350
PeachRs. 350
StrawberryRs. 350
GuavaRs. 350

Brightday Mocktails

Mint Margrita ShakeRs. 479
Pina Colada ShakeRs. 450
Mexican Sunrise MocktailRs. 450
Fruit Punch MocktailRs. 450
Fresh Lime MocktailRs. 200

Fruit Shakes

Dry Fruit CakeRs. 450
AlmondRs. 450
Date & KulfaRs. 450
MangoRs. 450
Apple & BananaRs. 450
PineappleRs. 450
StrawberryRs. 450
PeachRs. 450

Bright Day Fried Chicken & Pizza Address And Contact Info

Address: Bright Day Fried chicken and Pizza, Civil Lines S.S.P Rd, Civil Lines Jhang.


Phone: (047) 7625222

Bright Day Fried Chicken And Pizza Opening Time

Opening Hours 

FridayOpen 24 hours
SaturdayOpen 24 hours
SundayOpen 24 hours
MondayOpen 24 hours
TuesdayOpen 24 hours
WednesdayOpen 24 hours
ThursdayOpen 24 hours
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