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McDonald’s The North Walk Nestled within Karachi’s vibrant North Walk shopping mall, McDonald’s The North Walk offers a familiar pitstop amidst the buzz of retail therapy. Whether you’re seeking a quick refuel after conquering clothing stores or a relaxed meal with friends before catching a movie, this McDonald’s The North Walk promises the iconic golden arches experience with a local twist. Step inside and savor the aroma of freshly grilled burgers, crispy fries, and steaming McCafe beverages, all while soaking in the energy of the lively mall. From grabbing a Happy Meal for the little ones to sharing a McFlurry sundae for a sweet ending, McDonald’s The North Walk invites you to create lasting memories alongside the classics you crave.

McDonald's - The Northwalk


McDonald’s The North walk Menu With Prices

Pau-Pau Faves


ItemPrice (PKR)
Spicy McCrispy Chicken with Regular DrinkStarts at 486.73
Hot N Crispy Burger with Regular DrinkStarts at 264.60
Chicken Tenders 3Pc362.83
Chicken Tenders 5Pc557.52
Chicken Tenders 3Pc with Regular DrinkStarts at 451.33
Chicken Tenders 5Pc with Regular DrinkStarts at 646.02
Chicken McBites 10 pcs362.84
Favourite Deals At McDonald’s The North Walk
ItemPrice (PKR)
Jumbo Share Bag2,415.94


Share Bags:

ItemPrice (PKR)
Jumbo Share Bag2,415.94
Crispy Chicken Spicy 9 pc Bucket3,438.07

Large Meals:

ItemPrice (PKR)
Large Meal Spicy McCrispy with CheeseStarts at 933.64
Large Meal Chicken MacStarts at 1,022.13
Large Meal McChicken with CheeseStarts at 871.69
Large Meal McArabiaStarts at 960.18
Large Meal Spicy Grand ChickenStarts at 1,243.37
Large Meal 9Pc McNuggetsStarts at 1,092.93
Large Meal 6Pc McNuggetsStarts at 907.09
Large Meal Big MacStarts at 1,314.17
Large Meal Quarter PounderStarts at 1,287.62
Large Meal McRoyaleStarts at 1,314.17
Large Meal Double Cheese BurgerStarts at 1,181.42
Large Meal Spicy Crispy Chicken 2 PcsStarts at 1,207.97
Large Meal Spicy Crispy Chicken 3 PcsStarts at 1,579.65
Large Meal Filet-o-FishStarts at 1,269.92


Medium Meals:

Menu ItemPrice (PKR)
Spicy McCrispy with CheeseStarts at 845.14
McChicken with CheeseStarts at 783.20
Spicy Grand ChickenStarts at 1,154.88
Chicken MacStarts at 933.64
McArabiaStarts at 871.69
9 pc McNuggetsStarts at 1,004.44
6 pc McNuggetsStarts at 818.60
Big MacStarts at 1,225.68
Quarter PounderStarts at 1,199.13
McRoyaleStarts at 1,225.68
Double CheeseStarts at 1,092.93
Spicy Crispy Chicken 2 PcsStarts at 1,119.48
Spicy Crispy Chicken 3 PcsStarts at 1,491.16
Filet-o-FishStarts at 1,181.43

Regular Meals:

Menu ItemPrice (PKR)
Spicy McCrispy with CheeseStarts at 756.64
McChicken with CheeseStarts at 694.70
Chicken MacStarts at 845.14
Grand ChickenStarts at 1,066.38
McArabiaStarts at 783.19
6 pc McNuggetsStarts at 730.09
9 pc McNuggetsStarts at 915.94
Big MacStarts at 1,137.17
Quarter PounderStarts at 1,110.63
McRoyaleStarts at 1,137.17
Double CheeseStarts at 1,004.43
Crispy Chicken Spicy 2 pcStarts at 1,030.98
Crispy Chicken Spicy 3 pcStarts at 1,402.66
Filet-o-FishStarts at 1,092.93


Value Meals:

NamePrice (Starting)
Value Meal Spicy Chicken with CheeseRs. 539.83
Value Meal Mini McArabiaRs. 539.83
Value Meal Hot N CrispyRs. 539.83
Fries & Sides At McDonald’s The North Walk
Large FriesRs. 429.21
6 pc McNuggetsRs. 340.71
9 pc McNuggetsRs. 783.19
20 pc McNuggetsRs. 1,402.66

Ala Carte:


Spicy McCrispy ChickenRs. 579.65
Chicken MacRs. 694.69
McArabiaRs. 606.20
McChickenRs. 517.70
Big MacRs. 960.18
Quarter PounderRs. 960.18
McRoyaleRs. 960.18
Double Cheese BurgerRs. 871.69
Mini McArabiaRs. 376.11
Filet O FishRs. 907.08
Spicy Chicken BurgerRs. 362.83
Spicy Grand ChickenRs. 915.93
Beverages on McDonald’s The North Walk
ItemPrice (Rs.)
Large Vanilla Shake606.19
Large Chocolate Shake606.19
Large Strawberry Shake606.19
Large Coke 630 ml269.92
Large Fanta 630 ml269.92
Large Sprite 630 ml269.92
Large Coke Zero 630 ml269.92
Orange Juice Tall473.46
Apple Juice Tall473.45
McFizz Strawberry340.71
Water (500ml)92.93
Nestea Cardamom323.01
Green Tea234.52

McCafe Bakery:

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Triple Chocolate Muffin446.91
Chocolate Chip Muffin438.05
Milk Chocolate Cookie287.62
Double Chocolate Cookie287.62
Butter Croissant446.91
Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cake623.90
Chocolate Fudge Cake623.90
Chocolate Lava Cake358.41
Red Velvet Lava Cake230.09
Caramel Cake535.40
Caramel Donut296.47
Caramel Cream Donut296.47
Boston Cream Donut296.47
Chocolate Fudge Donut296.47
Vanilla Sprinkle Donut296.47
Chocolate Sprinkle Donut296.47

McCafe Beverages:

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Frappe 16Oz Vanilla800.89
Frappe 16Oz Chocolate800.89
Frappe 16Oz Vanilla Oreo800.89
Frappe 16Oz Caramel1,066.38
Ice Tea Rasberry553.10
Ice Tea Peach553.10
Ice Tea Lemon553.10
Caramel Iced Latte623.90
Hazelnut Iced Latte623.90
Latte Tall623.90
Cappuccino Tall623.90
Hot Chocolate Tall712.39
Mochaccino Tall712.39

McDonald’s The North walk Address & Contact Info

Address: 1, Block C North Nazimabad Town, Karachi.

McDonald’s The Northwalk Opening Hours

Thursday10 am–2 am
Friday10 am–2 am
Saturday10 am–2 am
Sunday10 am–2 am
Monday10 am–2 am
Tuesday10 am–2 am
Wednesday10 am–2 am
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