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Arsalan Restaurant Special

Murgh Massallam₹740
Fish Tikka Masala₹440

Want to try delicious Mughlai food? Check out Arsalan Restaurant India! They serve a variety of mouth-watering dishes with Indian flavors. If you can’t decide between Kabab or Biryani, don’t worry! Arsalan Restaurant has plenty of options for you to choose from. Come and enjoy some of the best Mughlai cuisine in Kolkata!

Arsalan Restaurant

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Arsalan Restaurant & Caterer India Menu and Prices

Check below is the updated menu of Arsalan Restaurant India with the latest price.

Arsalan Restaurant Special

Murgh Massallam₹740
Fish Tikka Masala₹440

Tandoori and Kabab Starters

Paneer Haryali Kebab [6 Pieces]₹295
Paneer Tikka Kebab [4 Pieces]₹295
Chicken Achari Kebab [6 Pieces]₹305
Chicken Arsalan Kebab [6 Pieces]₹470
Chicken Boti Kebab [6 Pieces]₹305
Chicken Garlic Kebab [6 Pieces]₹305
Chicken Hariyali Kebab [6 Pieces]₹305
Chicken Seekh Kebab [3 Pieces]₹190
Chicken Malai Kebab [6 Pieces]₹315
Chicken Reshmi Kebab [6 Pieces]₹305
Chicken Tandoori Kebab₹265
Chicken Tangri Kebab₹195
Chicken Tikka Kebab [6 Pieces]₹305
Chicken Kathi Kebab₹155
Mutton Barra Kebab [3 Pieces]₹395
Mutton Kakori Kebab₹205
Mutton Roast Kebab [6 Pieces]₹381
Mutton Tikka Kebab [6 Pieces]₹381
Fish Arsalan Kebab [4 Pieces]₹450
Fish Reshmi Kebab [4 Pieces]₹450
Fish Tikka Kebab [4 Pieces]₹415
Pomfret Fish [2 Pieces]₹345
Prawns Tandoori [5 Pieces]₹435
Chicken Wings Kebab [8 Pieces]₹220
Tandoori Aloo [8 pcs]₹160

Arsalan Restaurant Biryani

Vegetable Biryani₹255
Shahi Tukda₹115
Biryani Rice₹196
Egg Biryani [2 Eggs]₹225
Mutton Biryani₹310
Mutton Special Biryani [2 Pieces]₹435
Chicken Biryani₹310
Chicken Special Biryani [2 Pieces]₹435
Mutton Lucknow Biryani₹425
Hyderabadi Biryani₹320


Steamed Rice₹125
Afghani Pulao₹195
Ghee Rice₹163
Jeera Rice₹163
Kashmiri Pulao₹210
Khuska Pulao₹163
Navratan Pulao₹215
Peas Pulao₹163

Arsalan Restaurant Veg Main Course

Dal Fry₹165
Dal Makhani₹195
Kadhai Paneer₹210
Mix Veg₹200
Matar Paneer₹185
Navratna Korma₹215
Palak Paneer₹200
Paneer Butter Masala₹215
Paneer Chilli Masala₹225
Paneer Kofta [2 Pieces]₹200
Paneer Tikka Butter Masala₹315
Sabzi Arsalan₹215

Arsalan Restaurant Mutton

Mutton Arsalan Masala [3 Pieces]₹320
Mutton Bhuna [4 Pieces]₹325
Mutton Boneless Masala [4 Pieces]₹310
Mutton Chanp₹240
Mutton Dahi [3 Pieces]₹272
Mutton Dal Gosht [4 Pieces]₹305
Mutton Do Pyaza [3 Pieces]₹319
Mutton Dum Gosht Handi [3 Pieces]₹335
Mutton Kadhai [3 Pieces]₹305
Mutton Kassa [3 Pieces]₹225
Mutton Malai [2 Pieces]₹220
Mutton Nalli Gosht [3 Pieces]₹335
Mutton Pasinda (Shredded)₹295
Mutton Rezala (1 pc)₹224
Mutton Rogan Josh [3 Pieces]₹345
Mutton Stew [4 Pieces]₹235
Mutton Tikka Butter Masala₹405
Mutton Keema₹224

Non Veg Menu @ Arsalan Restaurant

Chicken Achari Butter Masala [6 Pieces]₹360
Chicken Arsalan Masala [3 Pieces]₹224
Chicken Bharta Shredded₹230
Chicken Boneless Masala [4 Pieces]₹243
Chicken Butter Masala [4 Pieces]₹260
Chicken Chanp [1 Piece]₹240
Chicken Do Pyaza [3 Pieces]₹260
Chicken Garlic Butter Masala [6 Pieces]₹360
Chicken Haryali Butter Masala [6 Pieces]₹360
Chicken Kassa [1 Piece]₹224
Chicken Lahori [3 Pieces]₹224
Chicken Pepper Fry Boneless₹343
Chicken Reshmi Butter Masala [6 Pieces]₹360
Chicken Rezala [1 Piece]₹250
Chicken Stew [4 Pieces]₹281
Chicken Tandoori Masala₹295
Chicken Tangri Butter Masala [4 Pieces]₹255
Chicken Tikka Butter Masala [6 Pieces]₹360
Kadhai Murgh [3 Pieces]₹260
Murgh Chatpata [3 Pieces]₹260
Murgh Makhani [3 Pieces]₹260


Butter Naan₹72
Cheese Naan₹82
Lachha Paratha₹55
Masala Kulcha₹85
Masala Naan₹72
Rumali Roti₹35
Tandoori Roti₹35
Butter Tandoori Roti₹45
Plain Naan₹63
Garlic Naan₹82


Paneer Roll₹70
Egg Roll₹50
Egg Paneer Roll₹80
Egg Vegetable Roll₹70
Double Egg Roll₹65
Chicken Roll₹75
Chicken Egg Roll₹80
Double Chicken Roll₹105
Double Chicken Egg Roll₹105
Double Mutton Egg Roll₹115


Assorted Chicken Platter₹640
Arsalan Special Assorted Kebab Platter₹795


Salad [Big]₹80

Sweet Desserts

Shahi Tukda₹115


Virgin Mojito₹110
Mint Mojito₹110
Orange Mojito₹110
Cucumber Mojito₹110
Mango Delight₹110
Blue Lagoon₹110
Red Rose₹110

Complete Contact Information Arsalan Restaurant & Caterer

Address: 23A, 29N/2, Diamond Harbour Rd, opp. India Government Mint, Block A, New Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700053, India

Phone: +91 90070 07941

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