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99 Pancakes is a popular pancake chain in India that offers a wide variety of delicious and unique pancakes. With over 25 outlets across the country, 99 Pancakes has become a go-to destination for pancake lovers of all ages. Whether you prefer classic pancakes or innovative flavors like Nutella, Oreo, and Red Velvet, 99 Pancakes has something to satisfy your cravings.

The chain is known for its high-quality ingredients, friendly service, and affordable prices. So if you’re looking for a tasty breakfast, brunch, or dessert option, head to your nearest 99 Pancakes location and indulge in a stack of fluffy, mouth-watering pancakes.

99 Pancakes India Menu and Prices

Lotus Biscoff

Biscoff Waffle₹141.90
Biscoff Pancakes 6pc₹152.38
Biscoff Shakes (300 ml)₹190.48
Biscoff Pancakes₹209.52
Biscoff Crepe₹238.09

Nick Kids Special

Choc ‘n Chuckle with Nick₹313.33

99 Pancakes Tub Cake & Dessert

Waffle Cookies₹23.81
Hazelnut Tub₹104.76
Lotus Biscoff Tub₹114.29
Red Velvet Tub₹104.76
Plum Cake Bar₹257.14

Holland Pancakes (6 p.c.s)

Choco Banoffee ₹133.33
Chocolate Lovely₹171.43
Crunchy Bubblegum Oreo₹142.85
Holla Nutella ₹142.85
Jelly Berry₹152.38
Milky Mania Pancakes ₹133.33
Rainbow Mini Pancakes₹133.33
Red Velvet Pancakes₹133.33
Red Riding Hood₹161.90

Holland Pancakes (12 p.c.s)

Choco Banoffee₹190.47
Chocolate Lovely₹238.09
Crunchy Bubblegum Oreo₹200
Holla Nutella₹200
Jelly Berry₹209.52
Milky Mania Pancakes₹190.47
Rainbow Mini Pancakes₹190.47
Red Velvet Pancakes₹190.47
Red Riding Hood₹219.04

Cakes & Gateaux by 99 Pancakes

Plum Cake Small₹285.71
Rainbow Small₹571.43
Pull Me Up (Small)₹952.38
Rainbow Large₹1142.86
Pull Me Up Nutella₹1333.33
Roasted Almond₹619.05

99 Pancakes Pizza

Cheese Dip₹19.04
Pizza Garlic Bread Sticks₹85.71
Exotica (10 Inch)₹257.14
Heavenly Harvest (12 Inch)₹428.57
Magical Mushrooms (12 Inch)₹476.19
Margarita (10 Inch)₹190.48
Peri Peri Paneer (10 Inch)₹257.14
Paneer Tikka Hunger (12 Inch)₹476.19
Veginator (10 Inch)₹238.10
Vegginator (12 Inch)₹476.19

Be a Chef on 99 Pancakes

Chocolate Waffle₹95.29
Chocolate Holland Pancakes₹133.38
Chocolate French Crepe₹142.86
French Crepe₹133.38
Holland Pancakes₹123.81

French Pancakes (Crepes)

Bubblegum Oreo Crepe₹190.47
Indulge In Chocolate₹228.58
Rainbow French Crepes₹190.47
Nutella Forever₹209.52
Very Very Strawberry₹238.09

Let’s Waffle It Up on 99 Pancakes

Caramelized banana₹94.29
Chocolate Heaven₹94.29
Oreo & Cream Waffle₹94.29
Bubblegum Oreo Waffle₹141.90
Creamy Strawberry₹141.90
Naughty Nutella₹141.90
Milky Way Waffle₹141.90
Rainbow Waffle₹141.90
Red Velvet Waffle₹141.90
XoXo Chocolate₹141.90


Veggie Panoffle₹95.24

Chocolates & Bar

Dark Chocolate & M&M Bar₹309.52
White Chocolate & Almond Bar₹309.52

99 Pancakes Something Cool (300 ml)

Cold Coffee₹114.28
Black Lemonade₹114.28
Green Apple Thunder Iced Tea₹133.38
Maddy Melon Iced Tea₹133.38
Merry Berry Iced Tea₹133.38
Peachy Affection Iced Tea₹133.38

99 Pancakes Thick Shakes

Bubbleisious Oreo Shake (300 ml)₹190.48
Chocoholic Shake (300 ml)₹190.48
Crazy Nutella Shake (300 ml)₹190.48
Hot Chocolate₹238.09
Magical Strawberry Shake (300 ml)₹190.48
Red Velvet Shake (300 ml)₹190.48

99 Pancakes India Contact Information


Phone: +91 90821 27719

Address: Plot No, Harpal House, Shop No. 1, Ground Floor, 146, Nagindas Master Rd, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001, India.

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