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Al Baik Restaurant located in the heart of Delhi that offers authentic Lebanese, Mughlai, and North Indian cuisine. They are well-known for their shawarmas, mutton roghan josh, malai kofta, chicken biryani, and seek kebabs. In addition to this, they also serve a variety of Chinese dishes. The restaurant is known for offering delicious food at affordable prices, which makes it a popular choice among locals and tourists alike.

Al Baik Restaurant

If you’re looking for an authentic and tasty meal that won’t break the bank, Al Baik Restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

Al Baik Restaurant Menu & Prices

Check Below the complete menu of Al Baik Restaurant with udpated prices.

Al Baik Restaurant Starters (Veg)

Chilli Potatoes₹130
Chaap Roll₹140
Honey Chilli Potatoes₹150
Paneer Tikka Roll₹140
Achari Chaap₹150
Afghani Chaap₹150
Malai Chaap₹150
Masala Chaap₹150
Mushoorm Tikka₹210
Paneer Tikka₹210
Paneer Achari Tikka₹240
Paneer Malai Tikka₹240

Al Baik Restaurant Starters (Non Veg)

Afghani Chicken₹260
Chicken Malai Tikka₹320
Chicken Tangri₹210
Crispy Fried Chicken₹270
Fish Fry₹270
Tandoori Chicken₹270
Chicken Seekh Roll₹140
Mutton Seekh Roll₹140
Chicken Tikka Roll₹180
Chicken Lollypop [5 Pieces]₹250
Chicken Wings [5 Pieces]₹250
Chicken Manchurian Dry₹260
Chicken Seekh Kebab₹260
Chilli Chicken Dry₹260
Mutton Seekh Kebab₹260
Chicken Tikka₹270
Chicken Tasque₹320
Fish Chilly Dry₹320
Tandoori Fish [6 Pieces]₹370
Fish Tikka [Seasonal]₹390

Al Baik Restaurant Shawarma’s

Box Of Chicken Shawarma₹400
Paneer Shawarma [2 Pieces]₹150
Egg Shawarma [2 Pieces]₹150
Chicken Shawarma [2 Pieces]₹160

Al Baik Restaurant Main Course (Veg)

Jeera Aloo₹195
Palak Paneer₹235
Paneer Dhaniya Adraki₹235
Dal Gharwali₹205
Gravy Chaap₹225
Kadhai Chaap₹225
Shahi Chaap₹225
Chaap Tikka Masala₹235
Dal Makhani₹235
Kadhai Makka Dhingri₹235
Kadhai Paneer₹235
Malai Kofta₹235
Mixed Vegetable₹225
Mushroom Masala₹235
Mutter Mushroom₹235
Paneer Butter Masala₹235
Paneer Lababdar₹235
Paneer Tikka Masala₹235
Shahi Paneer₹235

Main Course (Non Veg)

Chicken Dhaniya Adraki₹425
Chicken Keema Masala₹425
Chicken Seekh Masala₹425
Egg Curries₹225
Mutton Seekh Masala₹445
Saag Wala Chicken₹425
Saag Wala Mutton₹445
Amritsari Fish Curry₹475
Boneless Butter Chicken₹445
Butter Chicken₹425
Chicken Changezi₹425
Chicken Do Pyaza₹425
Chicken Jahangiri₹425
Chicken Kali Mirch₹445
Chicken Korma₹425
Chicken Nihari₹425
Chicken Tikka Lababdar₹425
Chicken Tikka Masala₹425
Cream Chicken₹425
Dhaba Chicken [Chef Special]₹425
Kachi Mirch Ka Bhuna Ghost₹445
Kadhai Chicken₹425
Mutton Hydrabadi₹445
Mutton Korma₹445
Mutton Nihari₹445
Mutton Roghan Josh₹445
Peshawari Chicken₹425
Rara Chicken₹425
Rara Gosht₹445
Tawa Chicken₹425

Al Baik Restaurant Veg Chinese

Mix Veg Hot Garlic Sauce₹185
Veg Manchurian₹185
Chilli Paneer₹195
Chilli Mushroom₹225

Non Veg Chinese Main Course

Chicken Black Paper Sauce [8 Pieces]₹305
Chicken Hot Garlic Sauce₹305
Chicken Manchurian [8 Pieces]₹305
Chicken Singapur Style [8 Pieces]₹305
Chilli Chicken [8 Pieces]₹305
Crispy Honey Chicken₹305
Garlic Chicken [8 Pieces]₹305
Stir Fried Chicken [8 Pieces]₹305

Sea Food and Lamb

Chilli Lamb Dry₹325
Fish Chilli₹325
Fish Hot Garlic Sauce₹325
Fish Manchurian₹325
Fish Salt And Paper₹325
Shredded Lamb Hot Garlic Sauce₹325

Al Baik Fried Rice 

Veg Fried Rice₹175
Chili Garlic Fried Rice₹185
Veg Schezwan Fried Rice₹190
Egg Fried Rice₹185
Chicken Fried Rice₹205
Chicken Chilli Garlic Fried Rice₹210
Chicken Schezwan Fried Rice₹210
Chicken Egg Mix Fried Rice₹225

Al Baik Restaurant Biryani

Vegetable Biryani₹200
Chicken Biryani₹225
Mutton Biryani₹245


Chicken Hot & Sour Soup₹150
Chicken Manchow Soup₹150
Chicken Soup₹150
Hot & Sour Soup₹120
Manchow Soup₹130
Sweet Corn Soup₹120
Tomato Soup₹120

Thalis @ Al Baik

Chinese Non-veg Thali₹290
Chinese Veg Thali₹260
Indian Spl Non-veg Thali₹290
Indian Spl Veg Tahli₹260

Al Baik Momos

Crispy Crunchy Non-Veg Momos [6 Pieces]₹160
Crispy Crunchy Veg Momos [6 Pieces]₹140
Non-Veg Achari Tandoori Momos [6 Pieces]₹160
Non-Veg Afgani Tandoori Momos [6 Pieces]₹160
Non-Veg Frired Momos [6 Pieces]₹150
Non-Veg Momos In Hot Garlic Sauce [4 Pieces]₹200
Veg Achari Tandoori Momos [6 Pieces]₹140
Veg Afgani Tandoori Momos [6 Pieces]₹140
Veg Frired Momos [6 Pieces]₹130
Veg Momos In Hot Garlic Sauce [4 Pieces]₹180
Veg Steamed Momos [6 Pieces]₹120
Veg Tandoori Momos [6 Pieces]₹120
Non Veg Steamed Momos [6 Pieces]₹140
Non Veg Tandoori Momos [6 Pieces]₹140

Al Baik Restaurant Noodles

Veg Noodles₹145
Veg Chilli Garlic Noodles₹155
Veg Hakka Noodles₹155
Veg Singapur Noodles₹165
Egg Noodles₹165
Chicken Noodles₹175
Chicken Hakka Noodles₹185
Chicken Egg Mix Noodles₹195
Chicken Singapur Noodles₹195
Chicken Chilli Garlic Noodles₹205

Add Ons

Roomali Roti₹22
Tandoori Roti₹22
Khamiri Roti₹27
Butter Roti₹29
Hari Mirch Ki Roti₹32
Plain Naan₹37
Laccha Paratha₹42
Pudina Paratha₹42
Butter Naan₹47
Garlic Naan₹57
Stuffed Kulcha₹57
Green Salad₹87
Plain Rice₹130
Jeera Pulao₹150
Peas Pualo₹150
Veg Pulao₹150


Cold Drink₹60
Water Bottle₹30

Al Baik Restaurant India Location and Contact Information

Address: Trimurti Building, Plot No 21-23, Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar Marg, Block A, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110025, India

Phone: +91 11 2692 8466

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