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Second cup in Sialkot is a coffee company known for having a never-ending list of flavors of coffee.You can find almost anything on the Second Cup menu that will satisfy your taste buds. Various food and drinks are available, urging you to arrange a get-together. You will enjoy your experience tremendously due to the beautiful atmosphere.

Second Cup Menu


Second Cup began in 1975 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Today, the brand operates more than 500 outlets nationwide. It first entered Pakistan in 2013 and has been expanding rapidly ever since.


Second Cup Menu Updated Price List

Second Cup Menu: Espressos

Espresso Shot450500
Con Panna450500

Tea Latte

ItemPrice (Small)Price (Medium)Price (Large)
London Fog495550600
Chai Latte595650700
Green Tea595650700


Second Cup Menu: Signature Hot Chocolates

ItemPrice (Small)Price (Medium)Price (Large)
Hot Spicy Apple Cider495550600
Creamy Hot Chocolate595650700
Dark Hot Chocolate595650700
White Hot Chocolate595650700
Maple White Hot Chocolate595650700
Vanilla Bean Hot Chocolate595650700

Second Cup Menu Coffee

MenuPrice list (Without Including Taxes)
Caramel Corretto595650700
Vanilla Bean Latte595650700
Hazelnut Latte595650700
Café Latte595650650
Butter Nut Latte595650700
White Mocha595650700
Flat White550595650


Artisan Infused Tea

ItemPrice (Small)Price (Medium)Price (Large)
English Breakfast495550600
Green Moroccan Mint495550600
Jasmin Green495550600

Chillers (Frozen favorites)

ItemPrice (Small)Price (Medium)
Creamy Frozen Hot Chocolate Chiller650650
Flavored Icepresso Chiller650695
Chillate Chiller650695
Iced Coffee Chiller595650
Iced Latte Chiller595650
Cookies & Cream Chiller650695
Blended Signature Latte Chiller650695
Iced Signature Latte Chiller650695


Second Cup Menu: Blended Flavors

ItemPrice (Small)Price (Medium)
Blended Caramel Corretto650695
Blended Vanilla Bean650695
Blended Butternut650695
Blended Mochaccino650695
Blended White Moch650695

Fruit Chillers

ItemPrice (Small)Price (Medium)
Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Chiller650695
Mango Fruit Chiller650695
Banana Fruit Chiller650695
Strawberry Fruit Chiller650695
Peach Fruit Chiller650695
Wild Berry Fruit Chiller650695
Handcrafted Italian Soda Fruit Chiller650695

Second Cup Iced Flavors

ItemPrice (Small)Price (Medium)
Iced Caramel Corretto650695
Iced Butternut650695
Iced Mochaccino650695
Iced White Mocha650695


ItemPrice (Small)Price (Medium)
Berry Passion Smoothie695775
Strawberry Banana Smoothie695775
Clementine Mango Smoothie695775
Chocolate Smoothie695775
Caramel Temptation Smoothie695775


ItemPrice (Small)Price (Medium)
Strawberry Banana Parfait695775
Chocolate Parfait695775
Caramel Temptation Parfait695775

Second Cup Menu: Shakes

ItemPrice (Small)Price (Medium)
Mocha Mania Shake695775
Cookies Crumble Shake695775
Berried in Caramel Shake695775

Second Cup Menu: Sandwich

The Chicken Club Sandwich850
Chicken Tikka Sandwich850
Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich850
Chicken B.B.Q. Sandwich795
Chicken Salsa Sandwich800
Chicken Fajita Sandwich800
Pesto Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Grilled Chicken Panini750

Second Cup Menu: Desserts

Chocolate Heavenly cake375
Ferrer Rocher Cake375
Nutella Fudge375
Baked NY Cheese cake595
Molten Lava with Ice Cream 695
Fudge Cake400
Fudge Brownie with Ice Cream Scoop350
Walnut Brownie325
Walnut Brownie with Ice Cream Scope295

Pasta & Lasagna

Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta695
Spicy Fettuccine Alfredo750

Cafe Delights and Wraps

Chicken Pizza Slice250
Chicken Mini Pizza150
Chicken Wrap325

Second Cup Menu: Muffins and Cookies

Chocolate Chip Muffin200
Double Chocolate Muffin200
Chocolate Chip Cookies200
Double Chocolate Cookies200

Second Cup Menu: Extra

Whipped Cream Topping175
Ice Cream Topping175
Extra Espresso shot175
Water Bottle Small85

Bakery Item

Banana Bread250
Almond biscotti80

Second Cup Restaurant Contact Information

Second Cup Islamabad Locations

BranchAddressContact Number
Second Cup F-11Markaz F-11, Islamabad(051) 8444011
Second Cup F-6 MarkazPlot No. 6, Super Market, Block B, Agha Khan Rd, F-6 Markaz (051) 2726522
Second Cup D.H.A. Phase 2Shop Number 7, Sector E D.H.A. Phase II, located in Wild Wings DHA2 Sports Bar & Restaurant(051) 9254723
Second Cup Gulberg GreensGround Floor Skypark One main boulevard, Gulberg Greens(051) 8823481
Second Cup Jinnah ParkJinnah Park, Parking lot, Old Airport Rd, near Police Lines, Chaklala Cantt., Rawalpindi(051) 8313136
Second Cup Lower TopaMurree Expy, Lower Topa, Rawalpindi0300 0965303

Karachi Location

BranchAddressContact Number
Second Cup Coffee Co KarachiGround Floor, Hall 1, 59-C, No 4 Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, Karachi, 75500(021) 38942288

Second Cup Lahore Locations

BranchAddressContact Number
Second Cup, Gulberg IIIFashion Ave, Block K Block D 1 Gulberg III, Lahore0301 5000504
Second Cup Coffee CompanyAbdul Haque Rd, Trade Centre Commercial Area Phase 2 Johar Town located in Emporium Mall(042) 32592213
Second Cup Johar townPlaza No.52، Block R 1 Phase 2 Johar Town(042) 35302166
Second Cup Bahria TownSector C Commercial Area Sector C Bahria Town, Lahore
Second Cup D.H.A.Street 10, Sector Z D.H.A. Phase 3(042) 37185374
Second Cup Coffee (Garden Town)20, Aurangzeb Block Garden Town(042) 35952213
Second Cup Coffee Zee Avenue17A Cooper Rd, Garhi Shahu0323 4897886
Second Cup ValenciaPlot 7 – D Block Commercial Market, Block D Valencia(042) 35187001
Second Cup Raiwind Rd55th Avenue, 1 km Raiwind Rd, Thoker Niaz Baig0343 5575575
Second Cup Packages MallPackages Mall, Walton Road
Second Cup Paragon CityImperial, Main Blvd, Imperial Garden Homes Paragon City0323 0008822
Second Cup Civic Commercial AreaSector C Phase 5 D.H.A., Lahore0313 6508801
Second Cup D.H.A. Phase 674 M.B., Main Blvd, Sector H D.H.A. Phase 60313 4429376
Second Cup D.H.A. Phase 2Lalik chowk, Sector S D.H.A. Phase 2,0309 9531064

Who is the owner of Second Cup Pakistan?

Asim had the opportunity to bring Second Cup Coffee Co. Inc. to Pakistan through Mater Franchising rights for the country

Is Second Cup Healthy?

Having more than a single cup of coffee— even a second or third cup—may have greater benefits than just a “pick-me-up

What is Second Cup famous for?

From our humble beginning in 1975 as a kiosk in a shopping mall, selling only whole bean coffee, Second Cup Café has become the largest Canadian specialty coffee retailer.
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