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Hi foodies. Searching for best food in Karachi ?

 Ilyas Dumba Karahi. This restaurant is well-known for offering one of the subcontinent’s most famous curries. The Ilyas Dumba Karahi menu is full of delicious curry delights.

Ilyas Dumba Karahi

Should we first try to understand what a karahi is? Karahi is essentially a wok-like pan used to prepare meals. This pan cooks meat and other traditional foods. This is how the dish got its name. The Pakhtoons created the recipe for this meal, which became famous in the region. The taste of karahis varies according to the type of meat used, such as chicken, beef, mutton, or lamb.

Ilyas Dumba Karahi Price list

Karahi Menu

ItemPrices (Per Kg)
Sulemani Ilyas Dumba Karahi 1500
Keema Karahi1500
Sulemani Keema Karahi Half1500
Sulemani Keema Karahi Full3000
Dumba Shinwari Karahi Half1500
Dumba Shinwari Karahi Full3000
Sulemani Karahi Half1500
Sulemani Karahi Full3000
Roosh 3000
Chicken Sulemani Karahi Half750
Chicken Sulemani Karahi Full1400
Chicken Shinwari Karahi Half750
Chicken Shinwari Karahi Full1400

Tikka Menu

ItemPrices (Rs)
Dumba Namkeen Tikka1500
Chicken Namkeen Tikka Half750
Chicken Namkeen Tikka Full1400
Chicken Kebab750
Malai Boti Half750
Malai Boti Full1400
Chapli Kebab350
Chicken Kebab Half750
Chicken Kebab Full1400


ItemPrices (Rs)
Kabuli Pulao Half600
Kabuli Pulao Full1200

Grilled Fish

ItemPrices (Rs)
Rahu Fish Each1200
Boneless Fish Per Kg2000


ItemPrices (Rs)
Afghani Roti80
Desi Roti40
Roghni Naan120


ItemPrices (Rs)
Taka Tak Half450
Taka Tak Full800
Chicken Tawa Piece 600
Chicken Malai Tawa Piece600
Tawa Qeema Half1500
Tawa Qeema Full3000
Tawa Champ Half1500
Tawa Champ Full3000
Tawa Maghaz600
Chicken Roast1350


ItemPrices (Rs)
Peshawari Qehwa (small)160
Peshawari Qehwa (Medium)220
Peshawari Qehwa (large)420


ItemPrices (Rs)
Russian Salad350
Desi Ghee 250 Grams400
Aalu Bukhara Chutney350

Ilyas Dumba Karahi Comtact Information

Address: G.T. Road, near fruite Mandi, bati chowk Qila Lachman Singh, Lahore.

Phone0300 4535465

Find Yours FAQs Here

How is the service at Ilyas Dumba Karahi?

Ilyas Dumba Karahi is a restaurant where clients are never dissatisfied. Professional cooks and servers are always on the go to serve you. Lahore’s warmth and delicacies are unparalleled.

When is Ilyas Dumba Karahi open?

Ilyas Dumba Karahi is open from 6 pm to 4:30 am. However, the busiest times are from 12 am to 2 pm. Also, the place is busy from 6 pm to 9 pm. So, if you want to avoid too much noise and crowds, you can go there during non-peak hours.

Can I order something online from Ilyas Dumba Karahi?

es. Customers can order the food online and through mobile phone calls. The critical thing to know is that Ilyas Dumba Karahi delivers food in a limited area.

Is the food made in hygienic conditions?

he owners of Ilyas Dumba Karahi make their food in hygienic conditions.
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