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United King Bakers DHA


United King is a popular bakery and sweets shop in Karachi, Pakistan. They have been in business for over 20 years and have a reputation for serving high-quality food. Their DHA branch is located in the Badar Commercial area and is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

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The menu at United King is extensive, with something to satisfy everyone’s taste. They offer a wide variety of cakes, pastries, sweets, and savory snacks. Some of their most popular items include gulab jamun, baklava, nimko, and chatpata papri. They also have a selection of hot and cold beverages, including tea, coffee, and milkshakes.

The service at United King is always friendly and efficient. The staff is happy to help you choose the perfect item for your taste, and they are always willing to make recommendations. The atmosphere at the DHA branch is bright and airy, with plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors.

United King Menu with Updated Prices

United King Savories Menu & Price

Qeema SamosaRs. 188
Potato SamosaRs. 188
Chicken SamosaRs. 232
Chinese SamosaRs. 160
Malai Boti RollRs. 220
Chinese RollRs. 260
Chicken RollRs. 240
ChillosRs. 380
Chicken Shashlik StickRs. 110
Chicken StickRs. 90
Pizza SliceRs. 230
Harayali Green StickRs. 100
Chicken LollipopRs. 320

United King Frozen Items

Riwayati Kulfi Malai KhoyaRs. 135
Riwayati Kulfi PistaRs. 125
Riwayati Kulfi MangoRs. 125
Frozen Bun KababRs. 595
Aloo ParathaRs. 280
Frozen Plain ParathaRs. 240
Frozen Beef Shami KababRs. 810
Frozen Chicken Shami KababRs. 750
Frozen Chatpata Samosa One BiteRs. 400
Frozen BBQRs. 445
Frozen Chicken SamosaRs. 750
Frozen Chicken Samosa StuffedRs. 760
Frozen Chicken Samosa One Bite 24 PcsRs. 750
Chicken Cheese BallRs. 950
Zafrani RasmalaiRs. 650
Mal PuraRs. 860
Angoori RasmalaiRs. 630


Exclusive Discounted Deals

Combo 5Rs. 2,299
Combo 4Rs. 2,599

United King Premium Sweets

Injeer DelightRs. 680
Pista PakRs. 570
Badam PakRs. 495
Habshi Akhroti HalwaRs. 395


United King Sweets Menu & Price

Mix SweetsRs. 345
Large Gulab JamunRs. 345
Small Gulab JamunRs. 345
Large Black Gulab JamunRs. 345
Small Black Gulab JamunRs. 345
Phool PatisaRs. 345
Plain QalaqandRs. 365

United King Cakes Menu & Price

Black Forest Cake(1 lbs)Rs. 925
Chocolate Chip Cake(1lbs)Rs. 825
Swiss Roll Cake(1lbs)Rs. 800
Kit Kat Premium Cake 2 PoundsRs. 2,300
Lotus Cake 2 PoundsRs. 2,350
Milky Malt Cake(2lbs)Rs. 1,350
Pound Cake SmallRs. 380
Royal FudgeRs. 2,200
Fruit Pound Cake SmallRs. 415
Black Forest Cake(2 lbs)Rs. 1,800
Chocolate Chip Cake(2 lbs)Rs. 1,600
Pineapple Cake(2 lbs)Rs. 1,650
Swiss Roll Cake(2lbs)Rs. 1,650
Hyderabadi Coffee Cake(2lbs)Rs. 1,550
Pound Cake LargeRs. 610


Chips & Nimco

Plain SaltyRs. 150
Plain SpicyRs. 150
Crinkle SaltyRs. 150
Crinkle SpicyRs. 150
Crinkle Black PepperRs. 155
Slims Black PepperRs. 90
Slims Mayo GarlicRs. 90
Slims PaprikaRs. 90
Salty PeanutRs. 215
Spicy PeanutRs. 210
Coated PeanutsRs. 290
Chatkhara PapriRs. 210
Badshahi MixRs. 180
Daal MoongRs. 135
Daal Moth ClassicRs. 170
Khat Mitha MixRs. 120
Lajawab MixRs. 250
Nimco MixRs. 115
Chewra ClassicRs. 145
Crunchy Nut MixRs. 340
Spicy Namak ParayRs. 200
All In OneRs. 290
PhulkiRs. 210
BoondiRs. 450

Biscuits & Cookies

Mixed BiscuitsRs. 365
Chocolate Delight BiscuitsRs. 365
Jam Delight BiscuitsRs. 365
Almond BiscuitsRs. 365
Egg Vine BiscuitsRs. 365
Pistachio BiscuitsRs. 420
Tai KharaRs. 275
Chocolate Delight Butter Biscuits 200gRs. 490
Checkerboard Chocolate Butter Biscuits 200gRs. 490
Checkerboard Pistachio Butter Biscuits 200gRs. 520
Coffee Butter Biscuits 200gRs. 470
Jam Delight Butter Biscuits 200gRs. 420
Mixed Butter Biscuits Packed 200gRs. 490
Zeera Butter Biscuits 200gRs. 465
Flax Seeds Biscuit 200gRs. 400
Sesame Seeds Biscuit 200gRs. 390
Almond Biscotti 210gRs. 415
Pistachio Biscotti 210gRs. 590
Choco Dip Biscotti 300gRs. 630
Chocolate Biscotti 210gRs. 395
Crispino Dolce Stick Puff 170gRs. 300
Crispino Cookies Puff 170gRs. 270
Crispino Sugar Stick Puff 170gRs. 320
Baqar Khani French HeartRs. 275

Bread & Rusk

Plain BreadRs. 75
Candy RuskRs. 125
Milky RuskRs. 240
Regular RuskRs. 125
Round RuskRs. 125
Special RuskRs. 135
Zeera RuskRs. 145
Cake RuskRs. 245
Cake Rusk CardamomRs. 290
Tea Rusk 220gRs. 190
Tea Rusk Sugar Free 220gRs. 240
Sugar Free Cake RuskRs. 375
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United King Fast Food Menu & Price

Blazin Hot BurgerRs. 510
Fried Chicken BurgerRs. 450
Cheese Lovers PizzaRs. 599
Chicken Fajita PizzaRs. 599
Chicken Tikka PizzaRs. 599
Shahi Tikka PizzaRs. 599
Chipotle PizzaRs. 599
Creamy Tikka PizzaRs. 599
Ranch PizzaRs. 599
Sriracha PizzaRs. 599
Sub BBQ SandwichRs. 610
Sub Fajita SandwichRs. 610
Sub Tikka SandwichRs. 610
Sub Veggie Delight SandwichRs. 385

United King Salads Menu & Price

Chicken Fajita SaladRs. 525
Chicken Tikka SaladRs. 525
Mix SaladRs. 330


Chocolate Chip BrownieRs. 180
Toffee Chocolate BrownieRs. 210
Red Velvet CupcakeRs. 160
Kit Kat CupcakeRs. 240
Chocolate CupcakeRs. 270
Chocolate Chip CupcakeRs. 270
Plain CupcakeRs. 240
Nutella BrownieRs. 140
Walnut BrownieRs. 140
Nutella PastryRs. 240
One Bite Black Forest PastryRs. 45
One Bite Chocolate Chips PastryRs. 45
Salted Caramel PastryRs. 160
Coffee EclairRs. 65
Chocolate EclairRs. 65

United King Packed Products

Garlic Rusk 240 Gms PackedRs. 345
Biscuit Coconut Drop 170 GmRs. 370
Chaat MasalaRs. 125
Assorted SweetsRs. 360
Mixed Baklawa PackedRs. 420
Packed Fig Delight 300gRs. 985
Packed Pistachio Delight 300gRs. 750
Packed Sohan HalwaRs. 310
SoghatRs. 755
Soan PapdiRs. 220
Roasted Almond NankhataiRs. 230
Royal NamkinoRs. 960
Pani PuriRs. 350
Chaat Papdi BoxRs. 510

United King Contact Number and Address

Address: 58C Badar Commercial Street 9, Badar Commercial Area Defence V DHA Karachi.

Phone: (021) 35241701

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