Bombay Chowpatty Faisalabad Menu with Prices

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Bombay Chowpatty is a popular restaurant in Faisalabad, Pakistan, that serves a wide variety of Indian and Pakistani cuisine. The restaurant is known for its fresh, flavorful food, its lively atmosphere, and its friendly service.

Bombay Chowpatty

Bombay Chowpatty is a great place to go for a casual meal with friends or family. The menu features a variety of dishes, including tandoori chicken, butter chicken, naan, Biryani, and more. There are also vegetarian options available. The restaurant is located in the Kohinoor City area of Faisalabad. It is open for lunch and dinner, and it also offers home delivery.

Bombay Chowpatty Menu & Updated Prices

Appetizers Menu and Price 
Fish CrackersRs. 545
Classic Hot WingsRs. 845
DrumsticksRs. 1,195
Dynamite ChickenRs. 1,195
Wasabi Crusted ChickenRs. 1,095
Fried Finger FishRs. 1,745
Wasabi Crusted FishRs. 1,895
Dynamite prawnsRs. 1,795
Tempura Fried PrawnsRs. 1,995
French FriesRs. 545
Tender Chicken & ChipsRs. 695
Bombay Chowpatty Soups Menu and Price
Chicken Corn Soupfrom Rs. 395
Hot & Sour Soupfrom Rs. 395
Thai Soupfrom Rs. 445
Chef’s Special Soupfrom Rs. 495
Bombay Chowpatty Pasta Menu and Price
Fettuccine Alfredo PastaRs. 1,495
Penne Arrabiata PastaRs. 1,295
Bombay Chowpatty Steaks Menu and Price
Mushroom SteakRs. 1,595
Pepper SteakRs. 1,495
Mexican SteakRs. 1,595
Tarragon SteakRs. 1,595
Moroccan SteakRs. 1,595
American SteakRs. 1,595
Flaming Grill Menu and Price
Moroccan ChickenRs. 1,495
Fajita ChickenRs. 1,495
Turkish Shawarma PlatterRs. 1,995
Bombay Chowpatty Bar B.Q Menu and Price 
Tandoori Chicken PieceRs. 545
Chicken Bihari BotiRs. 1,095
Malai BotiRs. 1,095
Chicken Shish TaoukRs. 1,195
Chicken DumpukhtRs. 1,095
Chicken Kabab LajawabRs. 995
Chicken Cheese KababRs. 1,050
Chicken Reshmi KababRs. 1,050
Mutton ChopsRs. 2,395
Kastoori BotiRs. 1,195
Malai KababRs. 1,050
Bombay Chowpatty Karahi Menu and Price 
Chicken Karahifrom Rs. 994
Chicken Makhni Karahifrom Rs. 1,044
Mutton Karahifrom Rs. 1,794
Bombay Chowpatty Handi Menu and Price 
Chicken Ginger Handifrom Rs. 945
Chicken Handifrom Rs. 945
Chicken Red Jalfrezi Handifrom Rs. 995
Murgh Makhni Handifrom Rs. 995
Chicken Madrasi Handifrom Rs. 945
Chicken Achari Handifrom Rs. 945
Bombay Handifrom Rs. 945
Hyderabadi Handifrom Rs. 995
Butter Chicken Handifrom Rs. 995
Chicken White Jalfrezi Handifrom Rs. 995
Bombay Chowpatty Chef’s Special Menu and Price 
Bombay Mixed GrilledRs. 8,995
Stuffed Chicken with Spinach & NutsRs. 1,595
Stuffed Chicken with Honey Mustard SauceRs. 1,595
Cordon BleuRs. 1,795
Creamy Shakes Menu and Price 
Pink BarbieRs. 395
Oreo Choco ShakeRs. 395
Salted Caramel Praline ShakeRs. 395
Chocolate Brownie ShakeRs. 395
Peach GravityRs. 345
Pina ColadaRs. 395
Cold CoffeeRs. 395
Fruit Drinks Menu and Price 
Strawberry Kiwi ChillerRs. 345
Lovely DayRs. 395
Fruit Smoothies Menu and Price 
SeasonalRs. 395
Fresh Fruit Juices Menu and Price 
Seasonal FruitsRs. 395
Tawa Items and Price 
Chicken Tawa PieceRs. 795
Chicken Tawa MirchiRs. 1,295
Maghaz MasalaRs. 1,495
Kabab MasalaRs. 1,295
Chicken Tawa Bihari BotiRs. 1,045
Mutton Chaanp MasalaRs. 2,495
Bombay Makhni CharghaRs. 2,195
Mutton Tawa QeemaRs. 1,795
Bombay Chowpatty Biryani Menu and Price 
Chicken Shahi BiryaniRs. 1,095
Chicken BiryaniRs. 995
Chicken Boneless BiryaniRs. 1,095
Thaal & Combos Menu and Price 
Puri TandooriRs. 985
Butter Chicken ThaalRs. 997
Bar B.Q ComboRs. 1,095
Special Bar B.Q PlatterRs. 1,295
Chicken Biryani ThaalRs. 695
Special Bar B.Q ThaalRs. 1,995
Puri MalaiRs. 595
Puri MalaiRs. 545
Iftar PlaterRs. 2,195
Burgers & Sandwiches Menu and Price 
Chicken Club SandwichRs. 595
Chicken Fillet SandwichRs. 675
Chicken Fillet BurgerRs. 595
Classic Chicken BurgerRs. 545
Chicken Jalapeno Cheese BurgerRs. 645
Dynamite Zinger BurgerRs. 645
Chicken Fillet BurgerRs. 595
Chicken Fajita SandwichRs. 675
Wraps Menu and Price
Chicken Tikka WrapRs. 445
Malai Boti WrapRs. 495
Tandoori Chicken Garlic Mayo WrapRs. 495
Chicken ShawarmaRs. 395
Chicken Cheese ShawarmaRs. 445
Chaat Corner Menu and Price 
Gujarati PuriRs. 395
Bhel PuriRs. 395
Dahi Batata PuriRs. 445
Pani PuriRs. 345
Papri ChaatRs. 445
Dahi BhallayRs. 445
Raj KachoriRs. 595
Chaat ThaalRs. 1,495
Paratha Menu and Price
Achari ParathaRs. 135
Puri ParathaRs. 115
Tandoori ParathaRs. 95
Tandoor Menu and Price
RotiRs. 45
Sada NaanRs. 65
Roghni NaanRs. 95
Garlic NaanRs. 125
Kalwanji NaanRs. 124
Aloo NaanRs. 345
Cheese NaanRs. 345
Chicken Qeema NaanRs. 345
Tandoori ParathaRs. 115
Khameeri Roti 
As per pieceRs. 55
Salads Menu and Price
Caesar SaladRs. 745
Fruit SaladRs. 745
Garden Fresh SaladRs. 395
Raita & Chutney 
Mint RaitaRs. 295
Zeera RaitaRs. 295
Khubani & Aloo Bukhara ChutneyRs. 495
PuriRs. 95
Toothi KheerRs. 295
Fruit TriffleRs. 345
Cakes Menu and Price
Chocolate Cake SliceRs. 495
Cake AlaskaRs. 695
Meethi LassiRs. 395
ShikanjabeenRs. 145
Imli Aloo Bukhara SharbatRs. 395
Special Drinks 
Mint MargaritaRs. 295
Pina ColadaRs. 395
Cold CoffeeRs. 395
Strawberry MargaritaRs. 345
Bombay Lightening ShotRs. 395
Blue LagoonRs. 295
MojitoRs. 395
Iced Tea Menu and Price
Lemon Ice TeaRs. 245
Peach Ice TeaRs. 245
Fresh LimeRs. 145
Coca-Cola Can – 250 mlRs. 110
Sprite Zero Can – 250 mlRs. 110
Fanta Can – 250 mlRs. 110

Bombay Chowpatty Contact and Address

Address: 11 A Jaranwala Rd, Kohinoor City Faisalabad.

Phone: 0300 0266229

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